Ergonomic Smart Goggles for Bike Riders


U2system, Inc., South Korea
Team Lead: Choi Jae-Hyun
Design: Bae Sung Soo, Kang Jun Muck, Park Jeong In

Ergonomic Smart Goggles for Bike Riders allow real-time interconnection with social networking services.

Thanks to ergonomically designed and customisable glasses, this head mounted display can be worn comfortably by both right-eye or left-eye dominants.

The display module can be adjusted and located over the dominant eye, which helps minimise recognition time and error ratio.

This ergonomic smart goggle is specially developed for cyclists, allowing them to search for any destinations easily while cycling by providing route navigation and audio guidance.

Displaying real-time information of risk factors also help users ride safely and keep connected with social networking services in real-time, sharing photographs and videos taken with the headset while on the road.

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